BB- Pleasantville 9/11/20- Meter Maid Q

I had reached out a few weeks ago to Holy Roller to Q. I wanted to do a themed 9/11 Q to pay tribute to all the many victims, first responders and families that were impacted by the tragedy 19 years ago. I am sure those who were alive know exactly what they were doing when the unimaginable events unfolded.

I came early (5:13am to be exact) to Pleasantville although I did not have anything to setup for my 9/11 WOD. As you would imagine if have Qed recently, Brown Tail was already there. I am starting to think he may camp out at the AOs the night before posting.

Others who were very early included Focker and Malpractice. It was a great 2nd F opportunity. Everyone stretched and mumble chatter was high. I later learned Malpractice had came early to get some laps around the nearby path beforehand. He hadn’t read the preblast that we were running but not everyone reads the blast (like Airplane).

All in all there were 13 PAX who participated: Pelican (looking like a sweaty younger 30 – discussed later), Motor Boat (not sure which one as apparently there is more than one), Brown Water (the Russian dancer – see the Devitto Wednesday Foundry backblast), Focker (not Faulker – that’s what you’ll learn at Q school in October), Colonel Klink (a few weeks ago, Holy Roller credited him with 50 Flutter Kicks in cadence – I’ll take it- I can see the mixup), Dauber (he is good at getting up fast if you were wondering), Sump Pump (one of the few Mutters that is capable of getting outside the Watterson), Brown Tail (still camping – see above), Backflop (still Qing or napping about Qing), Jitterbug (strong on the 3rd F), Holy Roller (put the man in manmakers- word is he did them at the County during drop off), Malpractice (I hear he is looking for coupons to help GQ open his vehicle) and Meter Maid (Q- he may need to go to Q school with his close out of today’s workout).

I gave the disclaimer and we moseyed to the Amphitheater. For COP, we did downward dog and stuff (Pelican’s staple), grass grabbers (11 IC), quad stretches (Backflop’s staple), and Michael Phelps OYO. I gave some stats around the World Trade Center but explained the people were the most important point. Over 2,700 people died on that day in NYC. To put this in perspective, there are 2,700 seconds in a 45 minute Q. Those who struggle with math or workout at the Mutt will just have to trust me.

I grabbed my speaker and we began our 2001 meter mosey (1.25 miles). I told everyone to stick together like a fire crew would do. Trying to keep everyone together was like herding cats.

I had some patriotic music through my speaker.

Pelcian asked if there was any Snoop songs as we started, I told him no. He was disappointed. I suspect we may see this Snoop patriotic song at an upcoming Q for him.

My original plan was to go 5/8 of a mile and circle back around but we just kept running and didn’t double back. I have learned sometimes you just need to let go and see where it takes you. At around 0.9 miles, we got close to an area with a large U.S. flag. Someone asked is this where we will stop? It looked like a good idea so we circled around it until we hit 1.25 miles.

Next up was 9 different exercises with 11 reps each. They included merkins, mountain climbers (4 count), heel touches (4 count), Carolina drydocks (single count – OYO), Jungle Boi Squats (those doing IronPax week 1 will remember it), Big Boys, Plank Jacks (Dauber’s staple – 4 count), V Ups (single count), and Pelican’s favorite SSH IC. On some we may have only done 10 because I had a 2.0, I mean Pelican, asking “how many are we doing now?” between each exercise in jest. I hope Primetime, his 2.0, gets to ask this on this next vacation “are we there yet?”- lol!

To complete the thang, we had to complete another 1.25 miles running. We went back toward the flag and went around the running/walking path near the flag. I believe it is roughly 0.30 miles per loop. This allowed some of the faster runners start to open up their jets. I appreciated how we picked up the six (leave no man behind) and encouraged everyone to get better.

We headed toward the flag and did some LBCs while we waited for a few PAX to complete their final loop. I had everyone circle around the flag. In my haste to have veterans, current military and first responder provide their thoughts, some of it went out of order, but the messages during COT was great.

Motor Boat talked about losing a relative who worked in the World Trade Center as an Equity Analyst. Another relative worked to collect the ash remains from the building. Focker talked about a real hero, Jeff, who was in the NYFD. He was one of the first responders. He went in the building to save others and luckily didn’t die when it collapsed. In 2005, he went to Afghanistan as a medic and helped when his hospital had a bomb that killed over 300. In his instinctive action to help save others, he was working to stabilize them and was killed by a sniper leaving behind a wife and two kids.

If you want to read more about Jeff, use this link.

We also heard from Colonel Klink, Brown Tail and Sump Pump as well. The thoughts that resonated with me is to not let hatred consume.

God has given us tools- faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love. Below are the late lyrics from Alan Jackson- the 2nd song on my playlist (Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning).

I ended with a prayer, and circled back to COR, NOR and announcements. While out of order, the messages will remain with us. Make sure to ask Pelican how old he is. During NOR, he said 30 and corrected to 40.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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