BB – Planetarium @ The Boondocks 9/22/20

I dreamt we’d be going off the grid for this WO. I wanted to change it up for the PAX. Not that the scenery is bad at Peggy Baker Park, but new turf to explore is always kind of cool. We met up in the usual spot. I came in somewhat hot holding 8 of my LED lights. Dumped them on the ground along with my Bluetooth speaker.

The clock quickly hit 5:30 and I gave the disclaimer that I am not a professional (although I’ve always wondered what it would take to be a professional). Modify as necessary, you’re here on your own free will and everything I say is merely a suggestion. I asked each HIM to put their all in on this WO. Give it 100%. But before we go on, Pelican’s name was brought up for some playlist he created when he Q’d out at the Boondocks last week. As we hit 5:30 (right after this playlist story), I transitioned right into telling everyone I was Pelic…and I will be your Q today. I caught myself before I said it completely. I then corrected and we were good to go.

9/22/20 Planetarium at The Boondocks
Bulletin (R)
Hush Puppy
Meter Maid
Honey Do
Holy Roller (R)
Backflop (Q)

With that we did some warm up COP – 20x SSH, 10x GG, 10 Toy Soldiers, downward dog stretches and quad stretches.

I asked the PAX to pick up a light and follow me into the darkness (off the grid and away from the Peggy Baker park lights). I led the PAX to a hill that I remembered from running out this way years ago with Pelican. Little did I know it was exactly 1 mile away from Peggy Baker. So after we burned up 1 mile (and some valuable time), we got started with the THANG. Before we started, I instructed the PAX carrying a light to put 4 on one side of the hill and 4 on the other side giving us some light to work with.

We started at the top of the hill and did 10x Plank Jacks, then ran down the hill and did 20x Merkins, then ran back up the hill and did 30x plank jacks, then back down the hill for 40x Merkins, then back up the hill for 50x plank jacks.

Then we switched it up to:

60x LBC’s at the bottom of the hill, 70x mountain climbers at the top of the hill, then ran down the hill and did 80x LBC’s, then ran up the hill and did 90x Mountain climbers, then ran down the hill and did 100x LBC’s.

That completes 1 set. I believe Cochran and Focker made it through 1.5 sets before we had to pack up the lights and head back, which if you remember is 1 mile. We pushed the pace on the mile back and got to Peggy Baker Park with 3-4 min to spare. I just remember Meter Maid’s C-LAN comment as I passed him on the way back. We busted out 10 burpees and 20 or so gas pumps for Mary. We ended with a few running stretches and time was called.

Count o Rama, name o Rama, COT

We prayed for said and unsaid intentions. I thanked the PAX for coming out and sent them on their way with a few words of encouragement. We ended with the serenity prayer. If you don’t know it, google it. You’ll be glad you did.

See ya! Backflop aka Blackflop and on a really bad day I double as Pelican…just a few inches shorter.

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