BackBlast: 2/14/20 – Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Conditions: Damn cold.  ‘Feels like’ temps well into the single digits.

PAX (7): Russdiculous, Porkchop, McAfee, Jewel, Holy Roller, Jolly Rancher, Handbook (QIC)

Here’s how it went down:

Quick disclaimer @ 0530 followed by a short mosey down to the amphitheater stage for CoP.


  • 50x SSHs IC
  • 15x Imperial Walkers IC
  • 15x Abe Vigodas IC
  • 10x Grass Grabbers IC
  • Couple minutes of yoga stretches

Thang #1: DIAMONDS

PAX split up into two groups. One group ran lap around amphitheater while the other stayed and completed AMRAP exercises as follows:

  • Dips
  • Incline Merkins
  • American Hammers
  • Monkey Humpers
  • bOyos
  • mtN climbers
  • Decline Merkins
  • Squats

Running group switched with the AMRAP group after each round for a total of 8 laps around the amp go to with 8 AMRAP sets.

Thang #2: Mary Webb

PAX circled and a Mary based Jack Webb set with a 1:4 ratio of gas pumps to heel touches.  10 rounds were completed ending at 10 gas pumps and 40 heel touches.

We were left with a couple of minutes to spare so ended with the following:

  • 50x SSHs IC
  • 10x Merkins
  • 15x V-Ups
  • Last but not least: 20x pickle pounders

Return mosey to the flag @ 0615 for CoT.

CoT: Ended with intentions, some Valentine’s Day words about love, and finished up with an Our Father.

Thoroughly enjoyed my V-Day morning out at Pleasantville.  It truly is a great place and the HIMs that post there on a regular basis have made me feel very welcome there.  It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite ‘away’ AOs.  Looking forward to the next time!

As always, I am truly grateful and proud to be a part of all this.



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