BackBlast 5/22 @ The Bridge w/ Uncle Rico

With Memorial Day just around the corner the PAX decided it was time to work on our dadbods with a little curls for the girls and tris for the guys.  Don’t worry though it was a full body beatdown by the end and of course finished off with Pickle Pounders.

8 Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), Valdez, Mr. Koetter, SweetTart, Fructose, Dynomite!, Jitterbug (R), and Lady Bird (R)

Warm Up

Quick Mosey around the Posh with some high knees, butt kicks, and carioca
Quick Circle Up after we got the blood flowing
16 SSH
16 Grass Grabbers
Kendra Newman’s and some
Plank with R over L and L over R followed by 10 Merkins
Aiken Legs to feel the BURN
Indian Run to the Underpass

Thang – Partner Up – Exercise consisted of whatever rock you wanted AMRAP
Round 1
P1 – Run to the other bridge 10 Burpees
P2 – Mickey Mouse Merkins
Round 2
P1- Run to the other bridge 15 Burpees
P2 – Elf on the Shelf
Round 3
P1 – Run to the other bridge 20 Burpees
P2 – Single Arm Colt 45’s

Finished with 50 Skullcrushers

Indian Run to base and ended with Captain Thor challenge and Pickle Pounders

Intentions were made and an Our Father was said.

Thanks again to all the PAX who came out.  Until next time



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