Back Blast: 5/22/2019 The Tank-Drysdale Q

Weather:  Just Perfect.  65 degrees with a mist of cool mist from the irrigation system at Veterans Park.

PAX: 9





Johnny on the Pot


PK(site Q)



Disclaimer/FNG welcome.  This workout was dedicated to the past, present and future veterans of the armed forces, so had a military theme.


22 Abe Vigotas, Imperial walkers, grass grabbers.  22 is the number of veterans we lose to suicide on a daily basis.  Flounder shared a website dealing with this epidemic.

Downward Dog, runners quad stretch, cobra


  • 5 laps around the Veterans Park parking lot representing the five branches of the military and then 1 more lap(in silence) for those killed in combat.
  • PT test:  2 minute AMRAP Big Boys
  • PT test: 2 minute AMRAP Merkins
    • I don’t think any of us beat what Vincent did at the AO olympics!
  • Burpee/arm presses Jack Webb.  Ended up with 55 burpees and 216 arm presses on a 1:4 ratio.
  • Squat/Bear Crawl Jack Webb.  1:4 ratio up to 10/40.  55 squats and 216 bear crawls around the five flags of Veterans park.
  • Circled around for an Alphabet Mary.  spelled out the ABCs on our sixes with our outstretched legs.


Thank you to Flounder and Johnny on the Pot for serving in the military.  Johnny on the Pot is still serving in the National Guard and will be out for the next two weeks protecting our country! We welcomed FNG Greenich to the fold!  Welcome!  He did great!

This Sunday at 6pm, Veterans park will host hundreds of vets with a special program to honor them.  I will be singing patriotic songs with a 100 man choir from Southeast Christian Church.  We always end with a melody honoring all five branches, so it is a great way to honor these men and women who sacrificed so much.

Last year, I met a man who served in Korea.  He was barely awake in his wheelchair, but he had his military hat on and I knew his service was one of the reasons why my family is free and immigrated to this great country!

Ended with prayer.  Can’t wait for Sunday!  Please try to be there if you have ever posted at the Vet!





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