5/22 Blender Field Day BackBlast

A8A58D70-E14D-4355-A451-69A54DBE8882Pax (28) Mad Cow, Yogi, Geppetto, Digiorno, Diablo, Wham!, SumpPump, Cowbell, Pork Chop, OJ, Pope, Fridge, Zartan, Captain Insane-O, Zoo, Juicy, Backdraft, LoCo, Old Bay, Miyagi, Plumb Bob, Zima, Tureen, Buschhhhh, Deuce, McAfee, Flo Jo, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: 67*–dry and perfect for Field Day

Field Day 2019 started last year as a joke when I was still site Q at the Blender and picked up the Q the last week of school.  So last year I decided we would work in some field day events/ activities. Cardinal at the time reminded me to pick up popsicles and I rolled with it. Fast forward to 2019 and I was ready to make this year more of a true Field Day event—breaking the Pax into three different colored teams (special thanks for our marketing department for putting the T’s together).  I kind of had a general idea of team events for the day but still needed some Captains.  So last Friday afternoon while enjoying a 420 at Gerstles (which happens to be the new golf course) I ran the idea by Buschhhhh and asked him if he would captain a team.  Later that night reached out to Mutt Godfathers Zartan and Zoo and they were in too. With celebrity captains in place, T-shirts ordered, all that was left was to fill up the water balloons and pick up the popsicles.

Never nervous before a Q but I certainly didn’t want to over-sleep this one.  Set 2 alarms and was up at 4:45 and out the door at 5pm to set-up.

Not sure what type of crowd to expect (we had 12 last year) I was planning for 15-20. By 5:25 there was already 20 and more cars were pulling in.

Solid mumblehatter filled the air as we listened to some tunes (Fresh Prince Summertime and of course Its Raining Men).  5:30 gave the disclaimer and off for short mosey around school.  Prior to the workout I wasn’t sure how we would divide up the teams so we just went with 1’s, 2’s and 3’s.  With teams in place we circled up for 20 Imperial Walkers/ 20 Mountain Climbers and some stretching

Red team


Green team


Blue team



Everything we did today was as a team, competing against the other 2 teams.

Thang1: Team Suicide races.  Race1: each person hits 3 stops—up and back and 1 burpee at stop 1, 2 burpees at stop 2 and 3 burpees at stop 3

While teammate is doing this the rest of the pax/ team is AMRAP squats (no sitting around today). To speed this up we had multiple sets of teammates go (1/2/3’s)

Red team won this one.

Thang2: Same format as last race, just switched in merkins at each stop 3x6x9

While teammate is running the rest of the pax do AMRAP lunges—no sitting around at Field Day

Red team won this race

Next we lined up for team bear crawl inch worm race.  This was fun. Solid team work and was fun to watch the different strategies from each team

Blue team wins this one.  Wish I had had video of CI lunging across the finish line!

Next line up for Indian RUN—noticed what I did with Run, because this was a blistering pace up and back Brookfield Ave.  Stay in the team lines—last guy in line does 1 burpee, then runs to the front.  Up and back is probably ¾ of mile and this was it for the cardio for the day.

Next we moseyed over to prayer garden to pick up coupons and then head up to the field. Last year at Field Day we spent the entire time up in the field and I probably should have modified once everyone started to itch and get bit by chiggers.  So I learned from that and we only did 15 minutes in the field and the entire time on our feet.  After grabbing the coupons it was time for 100 yard coupon dash.  One team member carries coupon from one end of the field to the other.   While the rest of the Pax is AMRAPing curls.

We did this up and back and Green Team wins this one

Next with about 10 minutes left we lined up for burpee water balloon toss.  After you successfully toss your balloon to your partner, you do 1 burpee.  Well who knew how much the Pax would like this.  I filled up 40 water balloons last night and we used them all.   This was close, Blue team (Zoo & CI), Red (Diablo & Yogi) Green team (Tureen & ?)

This was a tie between Green and Red

With 5 minutes left we put up the coupons and circled up for some quick Mary

20 LBCs/ 20 little baby flutter kicks/ 20 Gas pumps

Circled up for COT:

Announcements: May ruck with Wham! And OJ—this Friday meeting at St. Matthews Drakes at 8pm.  Happy Hour today at Gerstles (4-6pm) and Flo Jo still collecting for A-Olympics.

Intentions: Prayers for all those said and unsaid.

Ended by thanking the pax for coming out this morning.  I’m approaching my 2 year anniversary but want to thank Zartan and CI for working hard in the summer of 2017 to headlock so many.  We need to do the same this summer or maybe re-headlock someone that’s not as active as they used to be.  I challenged the pax to find an accountability buddy or buddies and commit to working out during the summer months.  Lastly I would like to thank the Celebrity Mutt Captains today.  Without them attendance would have been wayyyyy down.  Thanks guys and reminder that first beer today is on me

As always it’s a blast to lead and I’m already working on Field Day 2020—t-shirts, inflatables and possible dunking booth!  Stay tuned




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