BB – Big Mo HEAVY – Worm Q

The Big Mo was rocking on Monday. We had a damn blast. We got after it and had some fun at the end!

13 Pax- WeedWacker, Carlose’, SnowMan, Kilo, Hot Wheels, Meatball, Plump Bob, Atlas, Flounder, BigBird, Thumbtack, Tae Bo, Worm (Q)

Partnered Up – 5 min extended intervals at each station

Weighted Merkins to Failure

Jerry Cans / Overhead Pallet walk around monument.

Barbell Inverted Pull Ups / Coupon Single Arm Merkins

Single Arm Kettlebell Swimgs/ 80# Sandbag Rows

15# Chest Flys / 25# Dumbell Rows

Battle Ropes / 35# Single Arm Rows

Pallet Chest Press To Failure


Tug-of-War 3on3 Battle




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