6/21/19 Pleasantville Back Blast

PAX: OJ, Huggies, Glen Ross, Slumlord (FNG), Grinder, Viking, Air Ball, Nice and Slow, Milton, Plumb Bob (Q)

I picked up this Q last minute since Old Bay posted that he was injured.  I had been thinking of leading again at Pleasantville since I really enjoy this spot.  I really like to take advantage of the amphitheater stage and steps.  Without much time to prepare, I dusted off and modified a wienke I used at the Floyd County 4-H in Indiana.

The morning didn’t start off good.  I forgot to set my alarm the night before and woke up just before 5:00.  I threw some gear on, minus socks and shoes, and headed toward Pleasantville.  After rolling down I-71 at a high rate of speed while putting on my socks and shoes, I came rolling in hot with a couple minutes to spare.  Having narrowly avoiding my first Q fartsack I was ready to get going.

We moseyed to the stage to start our warmup with some SSH, grass grabbers, downward dog, calf stretches and cobra.

THANG 1: We circled up for some AMRAP Mary, 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest

  1. LBC
  2. Rosalitas
  3. American Hammers
  4. Freddie Mercuries
  5. V Ups

Run up the steps, around the top, back down to the stage and repeat AMRAP Mary followed by running another lap.

THANG 2: Jack Webb- 1 dip:4 air presses … 10 dips:40 air presses

THANG 3: Lt. Dans- 1 squat:4 lunges … 10 squats:40 lunges

THANG 4: We started on the lowest level of the amphitheater and did 8 broad jumps up to the next level and 1 merkin.  Next level we did 7 broad jumps and 2 merkins and repeated the pattern to the top  to finish with 1 broad jump and 8 merkins.

We repeated  the first three rounds of Mary to close out, name-o-rama, announcements, and COT.

Our FNG, Slumlord, lives in Norton Commons so hopefully he headlock some new men and continue to get that site growing. Thanks to the PAX for showing up and pushing through.



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