Backblast The Fog 6/22/19

Great time in The Fog this past Saturday, thanks to those who came out for Ladybird and I; to the best of my recollection, this is what went down….

PAX  Ladybird, Jitterbug (COQIC), Harbaugh, Gypsy, Drysdale, DoubleDown

COP  Ladybird Started us off with SSH, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers and some stretching.

Thang 1-  Led by Jitterbug we took a short Mosey to the Egg Lawn. At each light post I wanted to alternate between an upper and lower body exercise. It wasn’t the most structured part of the workout but to get from light pole to light pole we Bear Crawled, Crabwalked, Karaokeed, Flo Jo’d, Bernied, or Moseyed; then at the posts we Burpeed, Merkined, Planjacked , Squatted, Groinered, and Mountain Climbed

Thang 2-  Indian Run back to the Coupon Lot where Ladybird had the MAIN THANG Planned.  Ladybird broke out the Tunes and a board of Tabata Pain; we did 30 seconds of each exercise in succession, then all you got to the end of the Parking Lot and Back.  Coupon Curls, Overhead Press, Coupon Squats, Rows,  Chest Press, Sprint , Rinse and Repeat.

Pretty Gassed after 3 rounds of that but with a few minutes left and the rain starting to roll in we moseyed to the pavilion to finish up. Gypsy distinguished himself at this point by noticing I had failed miserably in planting my Shovel Flag firmly enough into the ground,  and as rain poured down on him he got it back in place

Thang 3 – Find a Bench and alternate between Step Ups or Hop ups and then Dips.  (Gypsy even threw in some Derkins on his Own… That left room for 3 minutes of Mary.

COR, Nor and Ladybird took us out with Announcements  and Intentions.  Nicely Done Ladybird

Jitterbug Out



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