Why Should You Post @ 0500?

In case you’re on the fence, here are some reasons why you should come out to Long Run Park tomorrow @ 0500 and anytime at Polo Fields Clubhouse when you can:

  • You’re already up before 0500 anyway. So why not post 30 minutes earlier?
  • Traffic is non-existent at that time of the gloom.
  • You get to come home earlier and have more time to make a three-cheese omelet before you leave for work or make a protein smoothie…or both.
  • You have 30 more minutes to do any or all of the following to get all Barbied up for the day: hair, make-up, shaving, showering, trimming nose hairs, miscellaneous grooming, and the like.
  • When you come home 30 minutes earlier, you can drink more coffee. Straight black homie. No cream or sugar.
  • We hear coyotes howling at Long Run Park. (We also see skunks and deer in Polo Fields.)
  • Ever since Skirmish turned 51, he leads us in 51 SSHs instead of our minimum-required 50.
  • Uncle Sam kicks all our behinds.
  • As Harbaugh has said many times – when you leave after the COT @ 0545, you are 30 minutes younger.
  • We can play loud music at Long Run Park. Baby Shark is everyone’s favorite.
  • And the best part about Long Run Park: the stars. They look absolutely phenomenal ITG, especially because there is only one “working lamp” at LR Park.

Come and see us tomorrow @ Long Run Park @ 0500 if you can. Park by the basketball court off the Flat Rock Rd entrance.

Hat out.

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