BackBlast – PWVFD BlackOps – Part 2 11/7/19 Fungi Q

We decided to combine the PWVFD and Agony workouts today so we’d have a big group to send a message to our guy Bulletin who was donating a kidney this morning. At 5:29 we gathered and made a “best wishes” video to send to him before he went into surgury. He promptly responded so we were jazzed all was well to start the day. (We got a note later in the day that the surgery went well and the kidney is already functioning in his sister!)

Today was one month from our baseline setting day of Squats, Merkins, Big Boys, Run, and Ladder.  It was super cool to see the scores come in compared to last month.  Of the 38 items that were tracked among the repeat pax, 32 of them were better this month compared to last.

Weather – 50s and Rain

Gear – Hat, Dryfit long sleeve, swim trunks and my Asics, I’ve learned on rainy days that less is more.


Amelia, Meter Maid, Gisele, Flip Flop, Uncle Sam (R), Crockpot, Kimble, WILDflower, Captain Crunchberry, Powercoat, Fungi (Q)

  • COP –
    • 20 SSH IC
    • 13 Grassgrabbers IC
    • Runners Stretches
    • Kendra Newmans

Since it was pouring rain and the ground was soaked and we were about to do T-Merkins and Big Boys, someone asked if we could run first, then get wet. I had actually thought about that last night, but said no.  3S2T.  Running soaking wet was the second T.

  • Max Squats in 2 Min
  • 1 MIN break
  • Max T-Merkins in 2 Min
  • 1 Min Break
  • Max Big Boys in 2 Min
  • 2 Min Break
  • Run either 1 mile or 2 miles (you choose your program and stay with it for the 3 months)


  • Upon Return from the Run, you hit the ladder.
    • 20 Airpress
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 curb dips
    • 20 LBCs
    • 20 Calf Raises
  • Rinse & Repeat until time called.

We then met back up with Uncle Rico and his Agony crew for one big COT.  After regular Name-o-rama we did another round where everyone said their hospital name, age and “Bulletin”. We all then answered with “Bulletin – Respect”  One try, no screwups, 17 Bulletins.  It was pretty cool. Check out the F3County twitter handle if you want to see it.

COT – prayed for Bulletin and Meter Maid friend who committed suicide.

Bring socks for Uncle Rico’s St Johns project.

My daily verse was from Ecclesiastes 4:10 = If One Person falls, the other can reach out to help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.

We have a saying at work that you can win an account on your own, but you sure better not lose one on your own. There are a lot of resources out there personally and professionally that can assist us. Ask for help if you need it, we’re all here for you.  If you see someone struggling this holiday season, grab them and pull them back in the boat!

Always and honor to lead.



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