Back Blast – The Tank @ Vets Whitney Q

Pax: PK, Snowday, OJ, Vincent, Yoshi, Tony Malito, Atlas, Whitney Q

Conditions: Balmy 31°, clear skys

Gear: Thermals except for Tony Malito (he wore shorts)…ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME!!!

Started with the Disclaimer then moseyed one lap around circle.

COP: SSH, GG, & IW’s then partnered up.

Thang 1:

Partner 1 started Dora of 100 Merkins, 200 Bob Hurley’s & 300 Burpees – yep that’s right 300

Partner 2 jogged 1 lap around circle then switched.

2nd time around circle involved a 1/4 lap Bear Crawl & 1/4 lap lunges

Repeat until Dora is complete.

Thang 2: ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME…Thang 1 was a KILLA!

MARY completed via COR

COT: Since Tony Malito was #6, he shared his F3 nickname story….SO GOOD & finished with prayer.

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