BB – Uncle Rico 3 Year Postiversary Q Cloverfield @ The Garden -8/20/20

3 Years!! WOOF. Thanks to all the great Pax for pushing me and holding me accountable over these 3 years. Special thank you to Starchild for not taking my continued excuse of 5:30 is to early 3 years ago. Remember like it was yesterday. Starchild: “Brad you should come out to this group I workout with called F3. I think you would really like it.

Me: “sounds fun what time and where”.

Starchild: “5:30 at Poshlands”

Me: “Haha not a chance”

Starchild: “Why not; what’s your excuse?”

Me: “I have a 2 month old at home and I’m not getting any sleep as is.”

Starchild: “Your already up so what’s your other excuse”

Me: “Welp see you in the morning”

Enough with the reminiscing and back to the Thang. Pax – Nino, Catfish, Domino, Latex, Minnow, Mr. Koetter, Huggies, Natty Light, Jewel, Fructose, Sub Prime, Jimmy Neutron, Wide Right, Jitterbug (R), Husky (R), Iceman (R), Diane Dukes, and yours truly Uncle Rico (QIC)

Mosey around Rico’s 100 yard “Field” aka lower parking lot followed by some SSH, Grassgrabbers, plank with L over R, R over L, 3 count Merkins, and of course BURPEES

THE THANG 100 Yard Ladders (End Zone to End Zone) with Coupon Carry – Run 100 Yards with Coupon – 100 Merkins – Back – 20 LBC – Run 90 Yards – 90 Squats – Back – 20 LBC. Hopefully by now you get the picture. Relieving the glory days of 1982 State Championship and what would have happened if coach put me in. In order counting down did – Flutter Kicks, Copperhead Squats, Curls, Big Boys, Overhead Press, Kettle Bell Swings, American Hammers, and Manmakers. Regrouped and did 100 yard run – 50 Merkins – 50 Yard run 50 American hammers with 20 curls in end zone (girls love those curls). Finished with Captain Thor

Intentions and announcements were made. Thank you again to all the great Pax of F3 Louisville and the best AO in town @The Garden.

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