BB – 6-10-2021 – Uncle Rico – Cloverfield @ The Garden

Note to self; don’t let someone who just got hurt and can’t do the workout choose the workout. You will want to remember this. Being the friend that I am I graciously subbed Q for our fallen NattyLite and thought sucks that Natty is hurt so I’ll cheer him up and let him pick the workout. Well two things were proven today. 1. Natty is not a nice person. 2. 9 Pax kicked ass and got better.

Pax – Sub Prime, Mountain Momma, Wabbits, Risky Business (FNG), Late Hit, Catfish, Nino, Nice and Slow, and Uncle Rico (QIC)

Disclaimer was given with a quick mosey before some SSH, Grassgrabbers, R over L, RR, L over R, LL, Merkins, Kendra Newman’s, and Michael Phelps. Mosey over to The Baptizer

The Thang – Courtesy of Natty Lite

Ended with a some sprints and core. Thanks to all the Pax who came out and special thanks to NattyLite.

Circled up for announcements and intentions were made followed by an Our Father.


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