BB – Uncle Rico at the Cliffs – 3/15/22

Bodies by Rico was in full swing and as always seemed like a good idea beforehand. Thanks to all the Pax who showed up. Knew the workout was going to be great when a car came flying in blasting music and the Pax looked over to see our long lost friends Fiona and Mountain Momma. Worm was also there to make sure they felt very welcomed like only a Gardener could. Oh and as promised to O’Neil we did very little running.

PAX – Latex, Nino, Huggies, O’Neil, Natty Light, Jewel, Worm, Catfish, Wide Right, Husky (R), Fiona, Mountain Momma, Diane Dukes, Jimmy Neutron, Uncle Rico (QIC)

Disclaimer was given followed by a quick mosey to the coupons. Circled up and did some SSH, R over L, L over R, RR, LL, 3 count merkins, Kendra Newman’s, and some BOYOS. Grabbed coupons and ran to lower parking lot.

The Thang – Rico’s Field – 100 Yards – End Zone to End Zone

Each time in starting End Zone did 20 Merkins and 20 copperhead squats. Murder Bunnied to 10 yard line and did 10 manmakers. Mosey back to starting end zone repeat Merkins and copperhead squats. Mosey to coupon murder bunnied 10 yards to 20 yard line and did 20 Alpos. Mosey back to starting end zone. Now I’m assuming you get the picture (unless your from Vets maybe). Sequence continued as follows: 30 curl press, 40 skullcrushers, 50 curls, 60 burpees, 70 alpos, 80 curl press, 90 skull crushers, and 100 curls. Huge kudos to Catfish for completing but let’s be honest that doesn’t shock anyone. Put coupons up and moseyed back to flag for COT.

Intentions were given and ended with an Our Father.

Thanks to all the Pax again for coming out.


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