BB – 5/18 – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs @ The Garden

18 Pax woke up early and got in a solid bodies by Rico workout while enjoying the grassy hill at The Garden. The Pax almost got to see some merlot as well.

Pax – Cinnamon (FNG), Wide Right, Edward Scissorhands, Huggies, Gypsy, Domino, Natty Light, F Stop, Diane Dukes, Mr Roper, Pepper (FNG), Late Hit (FNG), Bacon, Worm, Mountain Mama, Jewel, Nino, Uncle Rico (QIC)

Disclaimer was given followed by a mosey up the Baptizer. SSH, Grassgrabbers, R over L, Left over R, added in some L-L and R-R, 10 3 Count Merkins, and 5 BOYOS to top it off.

The Thang – Partner Up – Partner 1 runs up the hill, 5 burpees then lunge down The Baptizer followed by mosey back.

Partner 2

200 Merkins, 200 Curls, 200 Skullcrushers

Did some sprint work and ab o Roma to finish.

Intentions were made.

Thanks to all the Pax. Uncle Rico Out!!

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