Back Blast – North Posh – 5.17.21

Every year on or around my birthday I like to Q one of my favorite workouts, Lake of Fire. This workout is simple but shows off the awesome landscape that makes up the North Posh site. If you aren’t familiar, there are a few lakes/ponds at the site that have trails around them. One of them makes a nice loop of about 400m from the parking lot off the side of the road on the way down to The Pit.

We started at 5:30 with the standard disclaimer and then moseyed down to the parking lot to start the warm-up. The warm-up was simple: SSH’s, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, Michael Phelps.

We then started the workout. P1 ran the trail loop around the lake while P2 started hammering out reps.

75 Burpees

100 HR Merkins

125 Lunges

150 Flutter Kicks

175 SSH

200 Squats

We finished this around 6:08 and the made our way back to the parking lot mixing up our method of travel. Bear Crawls, Squat Jumps and Native American Run. We got back right at 6:15 and circled up for COT.

For the first time in over a year, we were able to bring back BOM. For those not familiar, BOM stands for Ball of Man and everyone comes together in a tight circle with arms around each other for intentions. This might seem like a small change but it makes a difference. This group brings men together and BOM symbolizes that at the end of each workout. I’m glad it’s back!!

Thanks to all those that came out!


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