BackBlast Uncle Rico @ North Posh 12/23

18 HIMS (2 FNG’s) got some early Christmas presents from yours truly.  We went on an excursion of the poshlands that made Viking proud.

PAX – Dunphy, Bo Knows (Carlton 2.0 and FNG), Carlton, Yoshi, Little Jerry (R), Abacus, SweeT Tart, Backflop, Lepew, Fructose, Viking, Bubble Wrap (FNG), Meter Maid, Catfish, Nino, Jewel, Pelican, Uncle Rico (Q)

Disclaimer and mosey to lower parking lot (nice decline for about 3/4 mile) and quickly I realized this is going to suck running back up.
20 SSH
15 Grassgrappers
R over L, L over R
10 Merkins
Kendra Newmans
Michael Phelps

11's - Top of Hill Burpees - Bottom of Hill Squats 

After the PAX knocked it out circled up with 15 minutes left.  Did some American Hammers, Big Boys, Gas Pumps, and Pickle Pounders of course.

Mosey back up to base.  WOOF that was not fun.  Jewel even tried to run through a cable wire; Cable wire 1 Jewel 0.

Announcements and intentions were made.  Praying for BIG BIRD and his family.


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