BB 11-6-2020 – Uncle Rico – The Baptizer at The Garden

What better way to start your Friday than a Bodies by Rico Q. As my coach in 1982 told me it’s not the type of car you drive but the size of the arm that hangs out. So with that in mind it was time for curls for the girls and tri’s for the guys.

Pax – Minnow, Wide Right, Jewel, Jimmy Neutron, Jolly Rancher, Natty Light, Nice & Slow, SweetTart, FOCKER, Pelican, Edward Scissorhands, Dauber, and Uncle Rico (QIC)

Quick warm up with some SSH, Grassgrabbers, R over L, L over R, 3 count Merkins and then a mosey to Huggies Hill.

Thang – magic number was 30 (why 30 no clue just sounded good).

3 Stations – 30 Reps each exercise

Station 1 w/ coupon- 3 count curls, front raise, alpos, and skull crushers. Run up Huggies Hill.

Station 2 – Diamond Merkins, Dips, Carolina Drydocks, and wide Merkins. Run to station 3.

Station 3- 2 count American Hammers, 2 count Freddie mercuries, davincis, leg raises. Run back to station 1 and rinse and repeat.

Circled up for announcements and intentions. Special shout out to Tidwell. Awesome job he is doing. I know at that age not a chance I was getting up to do this. Heck I fartsack most Fridays anyways. Ended with an Our Father.

Thanks to all the PAX that made it out. Uncle Rico out!

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