BB 9/29 – Uncle Rico – The Cliffs @ The Garden

Great morning to get out and get better. Nice fog with temps in the 50’s. No worries Bodies by Rico got the PAX warmed up real quick with a replay of some of my favorite IPC 2020. Thankfully no bunnies were spotted.

PAX – Catfish, Private Pyles (FNG), Latex, Natty Light, Diane Dukes, Gypsy, Minnow, Husky (R), SweetTart, Edward Scissorhands, Jimmy Neutron, SubPrime, Mr. Roper, Wide Right, Instadoodle, Mr. Clean, Domino, Jewel, Uncle Rico (QIC)

Started with a nice mosey up the Hill of Stolen Souls before some SSH, Grassgrappers, R over L, L over R, and good old fashion 3in1 Merkins.

Thang – 3 Rounds – 10 Sadies, 50 Reps of Exercise run 100 yards. 100 reps of exercise and run 200 yards.

Round 1 – 50 Thrusters – 100 Merkins

Round 2 – 50 Curl Press – 100 Leg Lifts

Round 3 – 50 Alpos – 100 Jungle Boi Squats

Ended with some Ab Circle of Pain.

Announcements and intentions were made.



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