BackBlast St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Black Ops 11/27


F3 Louisville is absolutely amazing.  920 pairs of socks we raised in 4 weeks.  THANK YOU.  Special thank you to Jane Walsh and Keith Steer with St. John Center who gave us some of the history of St. John Center and braved the elements with us.  I know this time of the year when it gets cold and we have bad weather we all love to hit that snooze button.  How fitting this morning truly was to think of what the men who St. John Center help go through on a daily basis not only during the day but also at night if they are not able to find shelter.  These men are HIMS in need and the 3rd F of F3.  The Sky Q has blessed us and at this time of year we need to always give thanks to the opportunities he has given us.  F3 helps us focus on getting stronger not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well; “IRON SHARPENS IRON”.  I challenge everyone to find that HIM in need and get him out in the gloom.

PAX – McAfee, Jitterbug (R), Catfish, Jewel, Iceman (R), Fructose, Jolly Rancher, Short Change, Meter Maid, Handbook, Retainer, Mr. Koetter, Flamer, Meathead, Snowman, Kilo, FNG Sun In, and Uncle Rico (Q)

Now to the fun.  5 till and there was 7 of us.  Then the PAX just kept on coming; McAfee, Kilo, Short Change, Handbook, Meathead, and so on and so on.  Even Retainer and Birthday Boy Mr. Koetter came running up last second.  I got so excited by the numbers I completely forget about the disclaimer and stretching.  Jane Walsh gave us some background on St. John Center and what they do and we went straight to the Thang.


Burpee Ladder starting with 11 Burpees run 50 Yards 10 Burpees run back 9 Burpees; you get the picture all the way down to 1.

Yes in all we completed 1,188 Burpees so we gave ourselves some extra credit.

Circled Up with intentions and thanksgiving.  Again I cannot thank everyone enough as your all’s support blew me away.  Not only how many pairs of socks we raised but the number of PAX who made it to St. John Center was awesome.  Thank you to all and special thank you to the Sky Q.  We have something very special here in Louisville and our HIMS are truly making an impact in our community.


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