Squid BB – Incubator @ Posh 02.22.21

A combination of watching the Dark Knight trilogy and Qing 5 of the past 7 days led me to be a bit creative for today’s WO.

The weather was a balmy 41 degrees with a bit of residual rain from this mornings surprise shower. 10 PAX showed up with a little time to spare for some mumblechatter.

At 0530 the disclaimer was given and we started our way around the egg lawn. At a few of the parking lots we stopped for SSH, Abe Vigodas, Runner stretches and a hamstring stretch. We returned to the spraypark for the thang.

The Thang – There was a many sided dice by the playground with a variety of exercises. Each PAX would roll the dice, or perform the exercise of the APC before them to prevent traffic jams and downtime. After the exercise and specified reps were complete, the PAX would sprint 100 yards to the coin. They would flip the coin and do 10 burpees if it landed on heads or mosey back to the dice if it landed on tails.

The PAX naturally separated into two groups that would each just roll or flip as a unit. I have no idea what exercises were done, I just know the coin and dice had a sense of humor. When one group rolled three or four times seeking “something challenging” the dice gave them 20 burpees one one of the next rolls. The dice apparently also convinced the coin to show heads a few extra times since that group was so determined for EC.

In all we ran a lot, broke a good sweat and kept our heart rate up for a solid 45 minutes.

At 0615 time was called and the PAX circled up near the flag. COR, NOR, announcements and intentions. The variety and spontaneity was refreshing, but my favorite part was being able to feel my fingers after a WO. It’s been a cold couple weeks and 40 degrees felt wonderful. It was a great morning in the gloom with the poshest of PAX.

Until Next Time,


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