Skys Out THIGHS OUT- 4/29/22-Bacon Q – Baptizer @ The Garden

Ruler enforced <=5 inch inseam shorts required. The thighs will need room to breathe. It is leg day at the Baptizer, this means we will squat, lunge & jump. If you have bird legs it’s time we made them eagle legs. Enjoy the show- SYITG

BB: 6/24/2021 The Baptizer @ The Garden – LungeORAMA Edition

PAX: 10 men enjoyed autumnal like conditions in the gloom this morning. Mountain Momma, Nice & Slow, Subprime, Nino, Domino, Mr. Roper, Edward Scissorhands, Jewel & Bob Ross Q: Bacon Started with a Tommy Boy inspired MANIAC warmup. I brought the bluetooth speaker for one song and one song only. The Thang: Harnessing the rawContinue reading “BB: 6/24/2021 The Baptizer @ The Garden – LungeORAMA Edition”