PB- Bacon -Q -12/10/2022- The Majestic Fog

What’s up Primals it’s the Bacon King!!! I’m here to tell you – you don’t need PED’s to get jacked like that douche Liver King- you need healthy amounts of Bacon and Stone Age workout methods. Come to the Majestic Fog and see what’s up- no coupons they didn’t have those in the stone agesContinue reading “PB- Bacon -Q -12/10/2022- The Majestic Fog”

PB- 6/6/22 Bacon Q @ North Posh

Monday?….. You mean CHEST DAY!!!!! Monday is international chest day- Google it if you don’t believe me. We will explore North Posh and perform a wide variety of merkins. May even hit some international merkins too. You can’t kick the week’s ass if you fartsack on Monday!!! Get out and get better!!! No Coupons required,Continue reading “PB- 6/6/22 Bacon Q @ North Posh”

Skys Out THIGHS OUT- 4/29/22-Bacon Q – Baptizer @ The Garden

Ruler enforced <=5 inch inseam shorts required. The thighs will need room to breathe. It is leg day at the Baptizer, this means we will squat, lunge & jump. If you have bird legs it’s time we made them eagle legs. Enjoy the show- SYITG

BB: 6/24/2021 The Baptizer @ The Garden – LungeORAMA Edition

PAX: 10 men enjoyed autumnal like conditions in the gloom this morning. Mountain Momma, Nice & Slow, Subprime, Nino, Domino, Mr. Roper, Edward Scissorhands, Jewel & Bob Ross Q: Bacon Started with a Tommy Boy inspired MANIAC warmup. I brought the bluetooth speaker for one song and one song only. The Thang: Harnessing the rawContinue reading “BB: 6/24/2021 The Baptizer @ The Garden – LungeORAMA Edition”