BB: 6/24/2021 The Baptizer @ The Garden – LungeORAMA Edition

PAX: 10 men enjoyed autumnal like conditions in the gloom this morning. Mountain Momma, Nice & Slow, Subprime, Nino, Domino, Mr. Roper, Edward Scissorhands, Jewel & Bob Ross

Q: Bacon

Started with a Tommy Boy inspired MANIAC warmup. I brought the bluetooth speaker for one song and one song only.

Hat tip to @ Le Pew

The Thang: Harnessing the raw power, athleticism and energy of Chris Farley we moved right into Sprints. Once we worked up a good leg lather it was time for LungeORAMA to begin. Coupon loaded walking lunges to the hill of stolen souls ensured proper blood flow to the legs and started what would be a clear path involuntary muscle spasms. From there a Dora took place that included handstand push-ups (few have seen a large man flip upside down so elegantly), coupon presses, merkins, hill runs and big boys. Followed by MORE lungeORAMA, Rifle Carry and murder-suicides (your legs are murdered before the suicide). All in all great morning in The Garden.

COP: Announcements on upcoming Ruck events (words of caution on police involvement), Prayers for Huskie and close out with the Lords Prayer. Thankful for these men of F3!!!!

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