BB- Bayside 3/13/21 – Meter Maid Q

For those that haven’t been out to Bayside, it is the anti-Abyss. It has plenty of lighting. When I got up this morning, the temperature showed 43 degrees but the wind chill was much lower.

I had designed a workout to celebrate Jack Harlow’s 22nd birthday which was today. When I looked up some other facts this morning, I didn’t realize that he started rapping at 12 years old in Shelbyville, KY (the home of Bayside). He also published an album under his own label, Private Garden (has an F3 ring to it).

I got there about 15 minutes early to get everything setup. As my preblast had mentioned, I had planned to only play Jack Harlow’s music. However, after seeing Birdie with his 2.0s, I modified my playlist to one I had run at the Boondocks when I did my County themed Q. The first song was Boondocks, which would have made LePew proud.

I provided the disclaimer to the 8 PAX [Charolais (R), F-Stop, Birdie, Slugger 2.0, Firing Pin 2.0, Slide Rule, Shuttlecock (R), and Meter Maid (Q)]. Birdie’s 2.0 have been crushing it by posting 75+ times recently.

We took a quick mosey around the grounds to warm up before COP. I did Toy Soldiers (IC) [a County favorite], High Knees IC, Mountain Climbers IC, Kendrick Newmans and Michael Phelps OYO.

Today’s main thang would be a Jack Harlow ladder. Each item would be 22 reps and a mosey 50 yards out and back.

I stopped us with about 12 minutes left to finish with some modified Mary. This where we would mosey and stop along the way for a Mary exercise or something similar. Along the stops we did Gas Pumps (IC), wall sits, Nolan Ryan’s by the baseball field, Flutter Kicks IC and finished off with elevators. They had never done elevators so look for it at one of their upcoming workouts. We semi went around the circle but it seemed more like a random PAX call out another floor.

We did COR and NOR. For announcements, mentioned the monthly ruck on 3/19 and the Dare to Care that will take place in April (check Slack for updates). It is a great way to give back and bring your M and 2.0s to participate. For intentions, we mentioned Banana Bread who was moving today. My message was to remember to do a good turn daily.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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