High Invigoration and HIMness – Eastern KY Flood Relief

While F3 is often known for its 5:30 AM workouts, people in the public and even those new to F3 don’t often realize the REAL point is the invigoration of male leadership in the community.

Last weekend I received a request from Hand In Hand Ministries to assist in their flood relief efforts in the Appalachian region of Eastern KY. They needed cleaning supplies, food, and essential clothing for those who were devastated by severe flooding.

I made a plea to the pax (F3 brothers) to see if they could help with this effort. And wow…!!!!

Not only were the goods in the picture donated (which I estimate to be about $300-400 worth of goods) but you/they also contributed $2300 worth of monetary donations. Holy cow. I’d also like to thank Schneider Electric who is providing a match for a portion of funds that will take our total to $3300 (10x the picture once converted to goods!)

In F3 jargon we use a term called “HIM” which is a High Impact Man. We certainly have a boatload of them within the Louisville community! Given some of the donation amounts received these were family decisions so we should also recognize the high impact women in our lives as well!

Thanks to everyone who donated, prayed or partnered in this effort in just 1 week time!

You guys rock!


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