BB- Black Ops @ The County with Meter Maid 3-16-2020

You never know how it is going to go the first time you do something new. After we received the suggested guide lines from Porkchop, I worked to created a workout last night around the new guidelines. The more workout locations we have the better we can keep numbers manageable for Qs. The keys suggested guidelines were 5 or fewer PAX, no contact and no coupons.

When it started, it was different than a regular workout as everyone stayed in their cars before it was ready to begin close to 5:30am.

I spent more time on the disclaimer this morning especially noting that if you don’t feel well to not partake in the workout.

We started with 8 and had a 9th appear after the train cleared.

PAX: Bulletin (R), BackFlop, Pelican, Jolly Rancher, Ma Bell, Colonel Clink, Holy Roller (R), Folker, Meter Maid (Q)

There were no surprises this morning as my workout was already sent out the night before on Mumblechatter.

For COP, we did 25 SSH IC, 15 Toy Soldiers IC, Runner’s Stretch and then broke into two teams to do a Native American Run around campus. I instructed them to maintain distance and we met back by the football field.

Main Thang – We broke into three groups of three. The first group by the football field would be the push for the other groups. They did 20 Merkins, 20 Big Boys, 20 squats, 20 Dips, and 20 Mountain Climbers (4 Count).

This group would relieve group 3 behind the chapel. They were doing Bear Crawls between curbs (or Lunge Walk), Toe Taps on the curb, Monkey Humpers, Shoulder Taps and Overhead Squats.

Group 2 would be relieved by Group 3. group 2 focused on core with Flutter Kicks, Gas Pumps, V Ups, Box Cutters and holding Plank.

We did one round before moving to the Mini Death Star. You start and move to a far cone by Bear Crawl or Lunge Walk. Then you do 30 Merkins and come back and go to an urge cone while minimizing contact. I had two mini Death Stars in the middle of the parking lot. This made for 120 Merkins each. (I have to think someone like Abacus created this exercise!)

Mary – Closed with Preacher SitUps, JLos and Pickle Pounders.

We closed with COR, NOR and Intentions. Please be praying for Father Jack and the baby BackFlop coming on Friday. Always humbled to lead!

-Meter Maid

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