Huggies 2nd Anniversary Q the Incubator @ the Posh 3/16/2020

Weather 41 degrees – Dry

PAX (13) – Huggies (Q), Gypsy, Nino, Nice n Slow, Aerobie (R), Stick Up, Crotchety, Lady Bird (R), Deep Dish, Iceman (R), Ripple, Domino (R), Mr. Kotter.

Short intro – It’s been two years since I first made my debut at the Incubator at the POSH.

Disclaimer – I added some words on social distancing.

Mosey to the side parking lot for COP

25 SSH IC, 25 Imperial walkers IC, 20 Toy Soldiers IC, Some stretching.

We split in two groups for a Native American run to the rock bridge.

The Thang


Partner 1 – Run to the other side of the bridge for 10 burpees

Partner 2 – 50 rock man makers, 100 rock overhead presses, 150 rock curls, 200 rock rows, 300 Rock Flutter Kicks.

We then moseyed back to the flag right at 5:15

COT – Announcements, Intentions.

Remember our country and the world fighting this virus.  Remember those who may struggle with depression being mostly indoors and at home during this time.  Remember Iceman who has an important job interview today.

We ended with an Our Father.

It was a privilege to lead as always.  I thank the 13 men that showed up in support this morning.  My hope is that we can keep this thing going.

Huggies out

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