BackBlast: 2/6/20 – Ruck Ops @ Vets

Conditions: 33°F and cloudy.

PAX (8): Yoshi, Diablo, Meter Maid, Tool Time, Ditka, Frankenbaby, Plumb Bob, Handbook (QIC)


Here’s how it went down:

Issued a quick disclaimer prior to startex.  At 2100, it was ruck’s on and off for a quick warm-up.


PAX rucked from the memorial into the park toward The Jeffersonian.  Hung a right and looped back around via the wooded trail that runs parallel to Chenoweth Run.  Sandbags were optional although most opted to bring some extra weight along.  Returned back to the memorial for the first thang.

Thang #1:

PAX partnered up for a ruck Dora 1-2-3.  With rucks on, partners worked together to complete the following:

  • 100 ruck merkins
  • 200 BBSUs with ruck on chest
  • 300 ruck squats

Partner 1 stayed to execute as many reps of the above as possible while Partner 2 ruck shuffled one lap around the circle.  Switch and repeat until all goals were reached.  Took a couple 10 counts to catch our breath, then it was on to the second thang.

Thang #2:

Trying to think of something we had not done before, I had PAX line up for a ruck swing walk.  This meant holding the ruck and swinging it like a kettle bell.  On the up swing, PAX took one step forward.  The original plan was to complete a couple down and back rounds of this but the movement proved to be a tad more difficult than I had anticipated.  The level of discomfort this bought to my lower back started to feel border-line dangerous so we scrapped this after one round.  As a pivot, we switched to the more traditional bear crawls and ruck lunges to close out the set before the 3rd thang.

Thang #3:

Although PAX had completed 200 big boys in teams earlier, I still wanted to work in a couple more core exercise.  In another effort to throw something original in, I had PAX partner back up and lock legs feet to feet in sit up position.  Partners did sits up passing a ruck between each other every rep.  Partners completed 20 reps of this.

Plumb Bob then threw out an idea to try a ruck hand-off with partners standing back-to-back.  Holding a ruck, partner 1 turns to the right and passes the ruck to partner 2 as partner 2 turns to the left.  PAX repeated this for another 20 reps or so.

Finished up thang #3 with 40x ruck overhead flutter kicks IC and a minute or so of an overhead ruck hold.

Closed out the evening with one more ruck around the wooden trail finishing up at 2200 on the dot.

CoT: Announcement for February ruck on 2/15.  Ended with intentions and finished up with an Our Father that included much confusion around the final doxology.

It was great to see a couple new faces at a Ruck Ops workout as well as the seasoned veterans that made it out.  Always thankful for the opportunity lead men such as these.

And as always… I am truly grateful and proud to be a part of all this.



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