BB SweeTART Q the Fog@ Poshland

Snowy Conditions a little slippery had to audible the Q a bit to keep everyone dry.

15 hims showed up to better themselves on a Saturday morning. We circled up did a quick mosey lap and warmed up under the gazebo.
20 SSH, 20 imperial walkers, 20 Abe vigodas, 5Hillbilly??, Stretch, 10 Merkins.

mosey to rock bridge

pyramid of 5s consisted of merkins, curls, presses, squats w calf raise, and 5 man makers.  After each round run to top of bridge 10SSH and back to next round. 8 rounds total During this exercise we had a unique story of mentos provided by @huggies23!

Most back to flag and finished with 1:4 ratio of big boys/ America. 20 flutter kicks. 20 oblique crunches. 10 ARods thanks @nathangilmore13!

circled up name-o-rama and ended with prayer

@Ladybird R
@Mr Kotter
@Stick Up
@Iceman R
@Jitterbug R
@Deep Dish



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