BB10/11 Chopper at Vets. SweetTart

Stick Up, Number2, Jitterbug, Buzzsaw, Ripple, Yoshi, Shrimp Boat, Lady Bird, Maxie, Atlas, Flea, Ringo(FNG) Whitney, Carlos’e, Airball, SweetTart. Warmed up 1 mosey lap and got in formation circle around seal. Gave disclaimer but forgot to ask about FNGs. Sorry Ringo who is Whitney’s 2.0. Did a headcount as shrimp boat joined. 16 30 SSHContinue reading “BB10/11 Chopper at Vets. SweetTart”

PB 10/11 The Chopper @ Vets SweeTART

The last few days have been rough both my parents ended up in the hospital in Alabama. One having emergency surgery and the other fell while waiting for the other to get out of surgery.  I was thinking I would have to go help but things turned out ok. Lessons learned: prepare for the worstContinue reading “PB 10/11 The Chopper @ Vets SweeTART”