BB 12.21.2020 the Silo @ North Posh SweeTART Q

12.21.2020 the Silo @ North Posh
Motor Boat
Diane Dukes (Happy Birthday)
Viking (SQ)
Little Jerry (R)
Nice and Slow

Thanks to all that attended. During this pandemic the one thing that has made it easier is being able to get out in the Gloom. F3 has done so much for me and kept me on track. Also I’ve witnessed people change physically and mentally. I’m proud to be associated with F3 Louisville

North Posh is definitely one of those AOs that has been established as a run heavy sometimes beast mode kind of sites. I love this because it give those the option to push the envelope even further and get that HR up a bit and get moving. As Catfish said for those on the fence get out on Mondays go see what NP has to offer. It changed me the very first time I attended a Q at this AO. If running is your weakness or your on the fence I challenge you to make it out on a Monday and see what this place has to offer.

Thing 1: We circled up SweeTART gave a brief disclaimer and we moseyed toward U.S 60. Valdez came in hot and missed all 13 of us without even tapping on the brakes! At U.S 60 we Bernie Sanders to the 25mph sign and moseyed back to the parking lot for cop.
COP: We did a quick count 14 hims circled up.
15 Toy Soldiers, 15 Hillybillys, 15 Squat Jacks, Downward dog and stretched calf’s and runners stance. Briefly talked about black ice and watch your footing along the path.

We moseyed towards Pit Road down path and stopped at turn for some Jack-Web. We circled up and did 1:4 ratio consisting of 1 merkin:4 plank-jacks. We worked up to 6:24. We then continued down to lower lot.

Thing 2: We had 2 groups first 7 were group 1 and second 8-14 were group 2. Group 1 ran up put road to gate and back. Group 2 did shuffle burpees. When group 1 got back we switched. We did this 4 times consisting of shuffle-burpees, shuffle merkin, shuffle Carolina dry dock, overhead claps and 4 times running up pit road. We met up top and did 20 flutter kicks and 10 merkins. On to the bottom of the wooden steps for Bear-crawl all the way to top doing a merkin at every 5 the step. Little Jerry did some extra credit searching for his keys but quickly recovered. After a 10-count we moseyed to the flag past the covered picnic table and up the walking path.

Thing 3: After recovering from the final mosey we had a few 2-10 counts we did 2 final sprints across grass field by the flag. We split into the same 2 groups from before. With 3 minutes left we circled up and did 3 quick sets of ab work. 15 American Hammers, 15 flutter-kicks, 15 BB.
Final: Count of and circled around flag. Name O Roma 14 HIMS.
Announcements: 🎂HBD Diane Dukes🎂, Motor Boat gave us some astrology-keep eye out in Southwestern sky for Bethlehem star ⭐️. We talked about North Posh being a great high caliber AO.

Prayer Request: Little Jerry co-worker( Steve/Son tragic accident Idaho pray for family). F3(OJ) wife dealing with breast cancer. Pray for healing. Pray for Meyers family St. Pats.
SweeTART finishing prayer-END OF Q

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