12.18.20 BB-The ‘06 @ Mary T-BigBird Q

Death, taxes and mumble chatter at the Mutt. Sump Pump, BUSCHHHHH, and Deuce agreed that they were indeed all certainties as some strong fellowship was happening even in the midst of a pretty solid wienke.

Rewind about a month ago when Digiorno reached out to me and asked if I knew anyone outside of the Watterson that could lay a good beat down for an initiative he was to title “Shut Up the Mutt.” I didn’t know if he wanted my opinion on PAX that could accommodate (Lord knows we have plenty) or if he was inviting me without really inviting me. The latter was the case so I told him to sign me up.

0525, me and Mama’s Boy show up to see a few in attendance. About 100 yards away, Mama sees someone running and says, “Oh, there’s BUSCHHHHH. Let me go out and say hello.” At zero dark thirty, I don’t know how he knew that’s who it was except to say that when you’re boys with someone for as long as they have been boys, I guess you can recognize someone’s mosey. As we approach 0530 there were still dudes rolling in per the norm for the Mutt crew. All in all, YHC was truly humbled as this would prove to be OG day at Mary T with 17 in attendance.

PAX: McAfee, Fridge, Captain Insane-O, Fall Guy (R), Little Jerry (R), Sump Pump, Mama’s Boy, Deuce, Digiorno, Motor Boat, BUSCHHHHH, Glen Ross, Wham!, Backdraft, Duckling (mad R for the Christmas sweater), Double Down (R), BigBird (Q)

As we get into COP, I realized first hand that chatter was going to be something to overcome so I would have to shout and have the PAX do the following in as quick a pace as I could to get the next 45 minutes under way: SSH, Abe Vagodas, Grass Grabbers, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks.

Next, we would take our coupons from There to Here, Farmer’s carry to There, swap to the other side to Here. Overhead carry to There where we would halt for explanation of The Thang.

Now, it’s hearsay that the Mutters can have a hard time with following direction and perhaps even with counting. I can neither confirm nor deny as there is a strong possibility the blame may have lied on my wings for this one. But I will tell you that whatever the case, mumble chatter or not PAX flew through and crushed the workout. Right BUSCHHHHH?

The Thang: Ladder workout starting from There. We would go 5,10,15,20,15,10,5 of each exercise-Coupon Merkins, Coupon Thrusters, Curls and Skull Crushers. After each set we would mosey back and forth from There to Here and Here to There with our coupons on our shoulders.

After that we would get in a round of 11’s with Burpees and Jump Lunges. YHC had a bit of trouble spouting out the exercise but hey, we all get by with a little help from our friends, right? A quick sidebar…Duckling’s jump lunge form…ON POINT!

Next we would get in some Mary as PAX would call out the exercises. Motor Boat: Gas Pumps, Digiorno: Saturday Nights, Deuce: flipped us over for some Pickle Pounders, Mama’s Boy: Flutter Kicks and Sump Pump would bring us home with Box Cutters.

Finally, I tried to incorporate the song Yakety Yak by The Coasters for a little fun but Glen Ross put his hex on my speaker. No lie…as soon as he made a comment about the speaker, it went out. Welp…at least I didn’t throw it on the ground…we would go ahead and hold plank and do a Merkin every time I shouted “Yakety Yak” for…I don’t know, 12ish times? The PAX were kind enough to indulge me with a “Don’t talk back.” Ah, the irony….

0615 was called. We circled up for COR, NOR, & COT. I thanked the men…my friends…for getting out with me on this day. It truly adds validity to what we do when a PAX member can be out for almost a year and dudes still remember you as if it were yesterday when you come back. Much love fellas!

Until next time…


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