Backblast 12/10/20 The Agony @ The County

13 hims started the co q mashup featuring Jolly Rancher and SweeTART with a short mosey mosey to the to front of the school for COP. Qs alternated COP exercises SSH, toy soldiers, grass grabbers, plank jacks, merkins, imperial walkers, 6 total – so 3 each.

From there, we went down Mt. Mercy for a little Route 66 where you do an exercise at each light pole – and adding a rep at the next pole. There are 10/11poles. On the way down we did 1 groined and added a rep at each pole. We did LBCs and waited for the 6th. On the way back we did 2 merkins and added 2 reps at each pole. Did LBCs and waited for 6th man. We moseys to main parking lot for some Dora.

We partnered up and did 100 overhead presses, 200 weighted squats and 300 curls.

6:15 we circled up did announcements and finished with prayer.

12-10-20 Agony @ County

Jerry McGuire R
Mr Hat
Bulletin R
Holy Roller R
SweetTart (Q)
Le Pew
Jolly Rancher (Q)

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