BB: 12/9 Agony at the County Gisele/Focker Q

It has been a while since I had a Q at the Foundry and with it being Mashup week and it being a heavy Focker was the only choice for a tag team partner.

PAX: Colonel Klink, GQ, Pelican, Brown Water, Devitto, Tidwell, Holy Roller R, Hush Puppy, Cartman, Wildflower, Brown Tail, Back flop, Gisele-Q, Focker-Q.

Weather: Cold and Clear

We started with some SSH, Water Fall Merkin Circle and Michael Phelps.

Main Thang: Heavy Ladder with some Mashup Music and a short mosey between reps

5 man makers

10 WMDs

15 squats

20 elf on a shelf

25 lunges

30 Skull crushers/overhead press

35 step ups

40 curls

45 high knees (no coupon)

50 bent over rows

CoR/NoR -> Announcement and Intentions.

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