BB10/11 Chopper at Vets. SweetTart

Stick Up, Number2, Jitterbug, Buzzsaw, Ripple, Yoshi, Shrimp Boat, Lady Bird, Maxie, Atlas, Flea, Ringo(FNG) Whitney, Carlos’e, Airball, SweetTart.

Warmed up 1 mosey lap and got in formation circle around seal. Gave disclaimer but forgot to ask about FNGs. Sorry Ringo who is Whitney’s 2.0. Did a headcount as shrimp boat joined. 16

30 SSH



10 burpee and mosey over to community center parking lot.

Thing 1 partners while partner jobs to end of lot and back

100 merkins

100 Bobby Hurley’s

100 big boys

Both lung to end of lot and back when finished

Thing 2 partner 1 went first one big group the  partner 2 went. 2 times each.  (Figured out we had an FNG)

Mosey around outside of lot in a square 20%,40%,80%, and 100% each time you turn to make a big lap/square.

Mosey back to seal and did some Mary free for all took turns calling out exercises. Did some monkey humpers, box cutters, mountain climbers and merkins tower, big boys, American hammers.

The 6th gave his story-Jitterbug,  Announcements, Name o Rama, named FNG-Ringo and Prayer.


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