BB-The Hurt 10.5.2019

Posting this on behalf of No Show:

PAX 13 – Sump Pump, BluePrint, Soft Top, Geppetto, LaMarvelous, FNG – Pokémon Trainer, Banjo, Zonka, Deuce, No Show, Glen Ross, Wham-o (Respect)


Warm up lap around School to church entrance, Abe Vigoda, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog, Finkle Swings and Hairy Rockettes​


Thang 1 – Circuit Workout ​15 Merkins, Sprint to next cone, Lungesto next Cone, imperial walkers to next cone, 15squats, Sprint to next cone, karaoke to next cone,Sprint back to start (5 rows of cones) – Repeat Circuit, 3 circuits

Thang 2

Jack Webb followed quickly by a few rounds of Suicide Squats​

Thang 3

Coupon Workout ​Colt 45

​25 – Coupon Merkins, 25 – Overhead press w/ coupon, 25 curls w/ coupons, 25- Squats w/ Block, 20 – Coupon Squat Swings, 20 – chest press on 6 w/ coupon

Mary Up ​​10 minutes

Freddie Merc.   ​Aka the bicycle sit-up. Alternate extending legs and arms in a bicycling motion during the sit-up – 10 count

Gas Pump​Start in the LBC position and straighten your legs to the Dolly position and then back to the LBC position – 10 count

Flutter kicks​Ab exercise done laying on your back. Legs off the ground, alternate kicking legs as if you’re swimming. Usually done in cadence – 10 count

Big Boys ​​10 count

LBC​​10 Count

Dealers Choice​​PAX pick workout – full circle

Finish with a Lap Around football field with 2 rounds of Burpees, Merkins and Bobby Hurley’s

Notes: Thank you to Tureen, Sump Pump, Deuce on my first Q. I also appreciate everyone being so welcoming to my son (Pokémon Trainer). It was a great experience for both us on Saturday.

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