BB 10/04/19. Wisteria at Pleasantville B-Q

So, we finally got a break in the weather. Brisk, clear and 53 degrees. Maybe Gobbler brought it down from Pittsburgh as he made his way across the country to Washington state spreading his message of rucking and leadership. Whatever brought it, we were glad.

10 PAX joined me to celebrate Birthday #46. Special shout out to Fungi for coming to support me despite being on the mend.

PAX: Gobbler (DR), Fungi, Longhorn, Viking, LePew, Soft Top, Wild Flower, Dauber, Leprechaun, Capt. Crunch-berries, Kimble (Q).

Introduction and disclaimer made with a resounding “AYE” from the Pax.

Short Mosey from the flag to the green space on top of the hill for COP.

21’s (23) were attempted, but silent count wasn’t completed the same by all so 5 BOYOS.

13 Slow GG

13 Toy Soldiers

23 SSH

Runner’s stretches

Mosey to the square and line up for 30 yard “Bear Crawl Sprint.” Pax was to line up in order of finish once crossing the line. Pax paired up 1st with Last and so on. Since Fungi was Modifying, I teamed up with Gobbler.

We moseyed back to the bottom of the Amphitheatre for THANG 1:

Partner Merkins: Pax1 on the ground with Pax2 at 90 degrees with feet on Pax1’s back. 23 Merkins in unison.

Partner Big Boys. Pax sitting facing each other toes touching. Each “up” concluded with a double fist bump x 23.

Box jump to the top of the Amphitheatre.

23 Flutter Kicks in Unison

23 dips in Unison.

Down to the bottom switch Merkin positions and Rinse/Repeat for a total of 46 of everything.

Back to the bottom to do Partner Air Chair for 46 sec. the count was 46 Air presses while seated.

Mosey up to the “circle of lights.”

There are a total of 11 light poles in approx. 1/2 mile loop. We started at the 1st pole with 1 Carolina Dry Dock followed by 4 (both leg) jump lunges. Each pole added 1 and 4 of each pole. Around pole 6 (6/24(really 48)), it was obvious that the Pax (ok, the Q) were starting to struggle with the double leg jump lunges piling up, so I called an audible and switched to single leg the rest of the way. At pole 11 (11/44), the question was raised if we should make the lunges an even 46 to keep with the theme. AYE was the answer.

10 min left we moseyed to the to pad of the Amphitheatre for Mary. Each Pax took turns calling out an exercise starting with our guest. Once last Pax called the cadence, time was called.

Circled up for COT.

Announcements, Intentions, thanked Gobbler for his visit and message as well as his service to our great country.

It was an honor to share my morning with these HIMS.

Kimble out.

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