Bag of Wrenches Backblast 10/8 – Sound and Fury

Q:  CI

Pax (11):  Fall Guy, Diablo (weighted), Vincent, Pork Chop, Fergie, Handbook, Soft Top, Adidas, Trump, Flo Jo, CI

Conditions:  48*, crisp.  My favorite weather.  I feel like I can go harder with less risk of passing out.

Gearlander:  Busch 26.2 F3Louisville Jersey, shorts, shoes, socks, Fred.  No weight vest because I was Qing and needed to talk and count and stuff.

If you’ve been around me in the last month, seen my Twitter feed, or been next to me in traffic, you’ve heard about little else other than Sturgill Simpson’s new album Sound and Fury.  Obsession is a word that’s often overused, but here it’s accurate.  I cannot stop listening to (and even thinking about) the album.

I stumbled on to Sturgill Simpson about 6-7 years ago.  I read an article about the new savior of country music who was releasing an album, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.  As a long-time country fan, who was completely soured by today’s current “country” sound, I was intrigued.  And then, like now, I got hooked.

I think the thing about this guy’s music – who incidentally went to high school with one of my good friends (who also said, he and I would NOT have gotten along then) — is that he seems to know about a lot of things that interest me, and has a similar attitude towards them that I hold.  Case in point, the song, Turtles All the Way Down on the aforementioned album Metamodern…  In that song, Sturgill takes the dogma of most major religions, somewhat excoriates them (if that’s possible; is “excoriate” like “unique” and can’t be modified?  Someone will know), but then distills them into one simple concept:  love.  Clearly, I’m not that gifted or even that thoughtful to do something close, but that’s very much in line with how I think (case in point, today’s COT; you had to be there, or read on if you want).  I don’t like being told what to do by someone who simply made up the rules.  I don’t care for dogma; in fact, I think it’s insulting.  So, Stu (what he went by in highschool) and I are on the same page there.

Then, THIS came out….


This album, on first listen, has a lot of familiar sounds.  Not because Simpson has made music like this before (which he’s getting some push back on), but because he seems to have been inspired by ZZ Top, Beck, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and some other things we all know.  But then, there’s this discordant sound and feel that is almost hard to listen to.  It’s discomforting, but also familiar at the same time.  It took me a bit to figure it out; it wasn’t until I read an interview he gave where he told us the answer:  “I think it’s the responsibility of an artist to make music that represents the world they live in, and the world is fucked up.” Yup; there it is.

Now, let’s get it straight.  My world isn’t f’d; in fact, I’ve got a pretty good little thing going on.  But sometimes I feel like that coffee sipping dog in a fire muttering, “This is fine” to myself, my wife, my kids and people I care about.  And listening to this album – kind of like working as hard as I can in the morning – gives me an outlet to know it isn’t fine, but to focus that feeling there; compartmentalize it somewhere else other than soccer carpool, or at happy hour.  Things aren’t fine in the world right now, and they’ll probably never be (and never have been). And it may be in a week I’m over this sound.  But for now, I like it, I like what it does for me, and I like that it was the loose inspiration for today’s workout.


I greeted the Pax and gave a longer than normal disclaimer and we moseyed to the tennis courts.

Remember to Breathe

COP which consisted of:
SSH x 20IC
Imperial Walkers x 20IC
Abe Vigodas x 10IC
Grass Grabbers x 20IC
Extended Leg LBC x 10IC

Sing Along

Short mosey to Cogin’s Corner for a triple nickel with merkins and squats.  “Well, I know you know that you’re killing me but it’s worth it just to see you smile.” What a great line.

A Good Look

From the bottom of the hill, we moseyed as a group back to the tennis courts, but at each street lamp we stopped to do 5 merkins ascending by 5 at each for a total of 85.

Make Art, Not Friends

I laid out four cones in a diamond for a little group work. Station 1 five burpees, bear crawl to station 2 to relieve AMRAP Merkins, who bear crawl to station 3 to relieve AMRAP squats, who then bear crawl to station 4 to relieve AMRAP extended leg LBCs, who bear crawl to station 1 for burpees.

Best Clockmaker on Mars

Repeat above with walking lunges between stations.

All Said and Done

Money back to Cogan’s Corner for another Triple Nickel.

Last Man Standing

Bear crawl halfway back up the hill, then mosey you the top. “It’s Fuck all y’all season.” Another great line.

Mercury in Retrograde

Short mosey back to the tennis courts for a Steinl.

Fastest Horse in Town

NOR and COT. In COT, I did my best Simpson impression by asking my friends there to mind a simple rule: don’t be an asshole.

If you were at the workout, listen to the album and see if the cadence matched. If not, fret not, it was free.

CI out.

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