BB – Black Ops at Mary T – 2/7/20

PAX (13): Left Eye, Zima, Captain Insane-o, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Blueprint, OJ, Porkchop, Fridge, Old Bay, Duckling, Viking, Deuce (Q)

Weather: SNOW!!! It was good to have a snow Q, there were some slick spots but overall things were pretty nice out there.

Gearlander: clothes, hat, gloves

Preblast said this would be run heavy, and the snow wasnt enough for me to change it.  Start with a mosey from the starting parking lot to the Crescent Hill GC parking lot.  Circle up for SSH, imperial walkers, light stretching and a few merkins.

Short run to the hospitality tent where I think we forgot to put the picnic tables back after moving them for a round of incline merkins, decline merkins and dips – 25 each.  Hit the cart path and off running throughout the golf course, stopped at the bottom of Mary Sue’s ugly sister for 40 squats and 20 Bonnie Blairs.  Continue around the course to the green near the entrance of Mockingbird Gardens for 2 rounds of 20 merkins, 20 squats and 20 big boys.

Continue running to the bottom of Mary Sue.  Stop briefly and it was AYG to the top.  I did consider doing this again, but figured Glenn The Butcher might relieve me from Q duties so we moseyed back to the main Mary T parking lot.

Partner up and one partner grab a coupon.  While Partner 1 was running a lap around the entire parking lot, P2 would do curls until fail, then switch to coupon merkins until fail, then switch to coupon squats and if you felt like it, man-makers.  Repeat for 3 cycles.

Only a few minutes left so circled up for a little mary.

COR, NOR, COT.  took us out with something that I think is important.  This is a very selfless group, we are constantly focusing on intentions of others and helping others out, but its ok to pray for yourself every now and again.


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