2/6/20 Cloverfield at the Garden Back Blast

I love The Garden. It’s a bit too far for me to drive to on a daily, or even weekly, basis but I enjoy going there.  There’s tons of space, coupons and hills. Those Hills!!

WEATHER: 35°, cloudy, light wind, wind chill 28°

PAX: Methane, Wide Right, Nice and Slow, Frosted Tips, Domino, Meter Maid, Fructose, Retainer, Bob Ross, Latex, Motor Boat, Uncle Rico, Plumb Bob (Q)

COP: 50 SSH(IC), 20 hillbillies, downward dog, calf stretch, runners stretch, warrior pose, cobra, Michael Phelps, 51 SSH(IC)

THANG 1: Native American Run-I wanted to utilize the hills we did ran around the church/school building 1 ½ laps

THANG 2: We divided into groups of 3, P1 completed an exercise while P2 and P3 did leg throws.  We rotated so that each person did the exercise and each person was both the leg thrower and leg throwee.  We repeated this cycle with P2 and P3 doing Ace and Garys.  Again we rotated so everyone did the exercise and each person got to be Ace and Gary.  (I don’t know which is position is Ace or which is Gary.)  These partner exercises took some of the Gardeners by surprise.  Evidently leg throws or Ace and Garys hadn’t made their way out to the Garden before.  There were laughs as each exercise was demonstrated.  Nevertheless, they’re great exercises for the core.

Exercises for each round (20 reps):

  1. Curls
  2. Goblet Squats
  3. Curls
  4. Bench Press
  5. Lunges

We circle up for COT had a few announcements and sent some intentions up to the Sky Q.

Thanks to those that came out ITG.  I hope to be back to the Garden in the not too distant future.

Plumb Bob


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