I feel the need…the need for SPEED! Preblast 1/3/18 #theblender @theMutt


Do you want to get faster in 2018? Do you want to chug a beer before your next church league b-ball game and then slam a 360 tomahawk dunk on your opponent? Do you feel like you’re actually Kyle Kuric trapped in the body of Jeff Hall? Of course you do!

That’s why I’m launching the Need for Speed series this year. Sounds like an infomercial? Yep, it does…but wait…it’s free! Each workout will have a speed focused component, complemented by other fast twitch muscle building exercises. Together, we can build your calves, quads, and tolerance for pushing through that oh-so-familiar stomach-turning zone that seems unique to high intensity cardio training. We’ll focus on fast transitions and getting off the ground quickly…and we’ll do it without running all that far. Get ready to explode into 2018! Jan 3 at the Mutt – be there! SYITG


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