3/9/2020 BlackOps at the O BackBlast

Super late on this BB.

PAX (8) Captain Insane-O, Trump, PED, Loco, Fergie, Fridge, Tin Cup, Glen Ross Q

Conditions: 50’s? Cloudy with a full moon but dry.

Noticed over the past several weeks we haven’t done much mary work, so thought today would be a good day to put in some core work.

Disclaimer at 5:30 and mosey’d through the park, across 64 bridge and ended up at the super dry and soft fairway.

Nothing fancy here—Mary DORA with partners.

400 LBCs –with partners running 30 yards to do 7/ seven (not seventeen) T-Merks

400 Gas Pumps (same with 7 tmerkins)

400 Freddie Mercs (same w/ tmerkins

400 American Hammers (same w/ tmerkins)

This took around 25 minutes, finished up and mosey’d back to the park for 5 more minutes of mary.  Ended at 6:14 with 17 T-Merks?  Maybe it was just 7

Ended with COT.   Crazy week for sure…..be safe and continue to lead from the front


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