3/13/20 BB – The Chopper at Vets.

As I mentioned in my PB, I had planned on posting at Vets multiple times in Feb to get a better lay of the land. Didn’t happen. I showed up with Captain Crunchberries at 5:10 to set up the circuit in the back lot. Got everything laid out and went to the “old” place to grab a pallet. Nothing was there. No coupons. Nothing. quick call to Jolly Rancher and he gave us the 411 on new spot. Found coupons. No pallets. Vets always had pallets. Anyway. Spotted a few at local business in back of lot clear to be borrowed.

Met 9 Vet regulars (and a K9 friend) at the memorial to get started. Pax: Tony Malito, Ladybird (R), Jitterbug(R), Kilo, Eto, Captain Crunchberries, Iceman (R), Flounder, Stick-Up, Kimble (Q). Introductions and disclaimer were given. Mosey you the back lot to warm up. SSH (IC), Toy Soldiers (IC), Downward Dog/Runner’s Stretch/Pigeon Stretch (Thanks Kilo), Grass Grabbers (IC), pretzel hug (my 2.0 Radar’s invention). As we were stretching, the wind picked up and blew the lights/exercise boards across the lot.

Grabbed coupons and partnered up. Since it was Friday the 13th, there were 13 stations in the circuit. Station 1 was the pace setter. Fireman carry with pallet in the middle to the top of the lot and back. When they got back Station – switch. Other stations were: leg throws; “M” Merkins; Copperhead squats; curls, Overhead Press; Big Boys; Coupon Press; Lunges; Australian Snow Angels. The leg throws and BB had a 2nd station to switch positions. Big Boys were performed with partner in plank holding ankles of partner doing big boys. Since there were only 5 groups, I had to “keep time” to switch when no one was at station 1.

Return coupons and gather the lights. Mosey back to Memorial for Mary. Went around the circle with each person getting a chance to call out an exercise.

Announcements for Slasher Ruck tonight and invitation fo fish fry. Intentions stayed for our country and the world for all of the changes occurring in fear of COVID-19. Intentions for Tony Malito’s Sister and her family who suffered the loss of their daughter recently and are struggling during these times. Challenge by Kilo as F3 to step up and be a leader in the community. Reach out during these times to be a beacon of light and help those that may not be able to help themselves.

I enjoy traveling and wish I could do it more. Thanks to Vets for allowing me to come out to lead. It was an honor. The Pax were patient and full of mumble chatter. It was a pleasure to lead today. Kimble out!

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