The Gladiator Backblast

Seven HIMs graced the grounds of Long Run Park at the inaugural WO for The Gladiator at The Abyss: Skirmish (R), Uncle Sam (R), Flip Flop, Harbaugh, Backflop, Squid, and Mr. Hat (QIC).

YHC is so grateful for these six HIMs, as they all have been such a vital part of turning Long Run Park Black Ops into an official AO of F3Louisville.

Warm-up: a mosey then 13 GGs, 13 IWs, 13 SSHs, & 13 BOYOS in honor of Friday the 13th.

The thang: Uncle Sam brought the whole Ft. Knox gym, and we did our heavy: curls, farmers carry, deadlifts, rows, overhead presses, etc. This was a self-paced OYO WO with the tunes also thanks to DJ Jazzy Uncle Sam.

Come on out to The Gladiator on Fridays. It’s the only heavy in F3Louisville on Fridays.

We closed out with some yoga for the last 15 minutes. Then announcements, intentions, & COT.

Hat out.

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