BB-Pelican Q-Wisteria @ Pleasantville 3.13.20

This week has been nuts—school cancellations, no tournament, other stuff that I forget. Picked up this Q yesterday when Meter Maid let the County boys know he was under the weather. Ended up trading him out my 4/10 Q I had here that was halfway planned.

Gave the disclaimer and we had 5 HIMs ready to go. We started to mosey and saw Dauber coming in extremely hot (or late, he was definitely late). Side note he texted me this morning to tell me he just got up and wasn’t coming. Since I was asleep when I got that text I told him I just woke up too and he proceeded to get his ass in gear and got better. Thanks brother for the support but what time do you normally get up? Anyway we finished the mosey and met up at the bottom of the amphitheater. We saw Grizzly coming in on fire (really, really late basically) but he was able to locate us after YHC called out in the darkness. Then we did-

11 Toy Soldiers IC

10 Grass Grabbers IC

Michael Phelps/Kendra Newmans

10 Copper head squats IC

Downward dog and stufd

Then we got ready for the Thang—

Using the steps we did incline merkins going up and derkins coming down. We started with 2 and added 2 each step after we box jumped up. Somehow there were 9 steps going up and 8 going down for me and Dauber. Alexa swore there were 9, Bulletin claimed there was 8 and Grizzly just said y’all can count good. Cratchit was next to the site Q Jolly so I’m sure they knew how many steps there were and were just laughing at us. After we finished this we box jumped back up and ran a lap. At each light we did some Airplane specials-LL Cool Js. We added one per light but stopped after 9 cause like the steps I had no clue how many lights there are there and they were hard.

We got back and again used the steps for box jumps and exercises on each step. We did dips and calf raises—started at 3 and went up 3 each step so we did 21, 24 or 27 on the last step depending on how good you could count. We all did a lap with no exercise at each light due to time. Dauber learned who Lil Nas and Big Nas are and Grizzly is team Pelican in the County Snoop debate. We headed to the bottom after the lap for some Mary.

We did —

15 Heartbreakers IC-since their debut on 2/14 these have been in every F3 workout in Louisville, they just don’t always make the back blast. I also have no clue how to count cadence on these.

15-V-ups—Alexa liked my pace

15 or so reverse crunches-Dauber counts better than me

We finished up and did our announcements—Slasher Ruck tonight and Jolly’s celebration day at the County tomorrow for Super Samuel—wear red.

Our intentions centered around COVID. I sheepishly admitted that my main concerns were that the NCAA tourney was cancelled and school is cancelled the next couple of weeks. If that’s all I have to deal with and it helps save even one life then I have nothing to complain about. Grizzly encouraged us to keep living our lives but to just be smart. We closed with an Our Father.




Jolly Rancher



Bulletin (R)

Pelican (Q)

Always enjoy the chance to lead,


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