BB: 9/17 East End IPC @ The County – Nice and Slow Q

F3 Workout 091719

Weather: 70 Degrees with 81% humidity

PAX: Huggies, Cochran, Dunphy, Frosted Tips, Catfish, Nice-and-Slow (Q)

We came, we saw, we listened to better music, and we conquered.  This was the weekly Tuesday Iron Pax Challenge workout.  Usually, this workout is held at the Posh, but we moved it to The County for pull-ups.

The workout:

Iron Pax Challenge Week 3 -

This group of HIMs did a fantastic job.  It was humid and the nice breeze we had promptly stopped at 5:30 AM.  Once we started moving, it got hot fast.

Personally, I felt like this workout was harder than last week’s. (This is likely because I am not strong.) We had no running and my heart rate still spiked to 185 bpm. It was amazing to watch the guys workout as hard as they did. Everyone did a fantastic job.

Here are the results:

Huggies – 750

Cochran – 810

Dunphy – 845

Frosted Tips – 636 (TBD – heard he may redo on Saturday)

Catfish – TBD – (Redoing workout on Saturday)

Nice and Slow – 860

It was an honor to lead today and I appreciate all the hard work everyone is putting in for the Iron Pax Challenge. One week left!!



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