BB 10/4: The Chopper – Nice and Slow Q

Weather: Clear, 61 Degrees with 76% Humidity

PAX: 27!!! Airball, Stick Up, Alexa, Tony Malito, Meatball, Atlas, Yoshi, Holler, PK, Nino, Worm, Fergie, Shrimp Boat, Swifty, Lady Bird, Greenwich, Pork Chop, Short Bus, Diablo, Woooo, Carlos’e, Retainer, SnowDay, SweetTart, Whitney, Jinxy, Nice and Slow (Q)

Workout: Started with a disclaimer and did some initial exercises and stretches.

Thang 1: I informed the PAX that we would be doing some long jump burpee shuffles and a warmup jog around the campus.  So we started with 10 LJBS and started running.  Every .25 miles, we would stop and do another 10 LJBS.

Thang 2: We stopped at the back of the monument and I let the group know of Thang 2.  Pairing up, Partner 1 would run around the circle while Partner 2 would do a variety of ladder exercises.

  • Skiers – 100 reps (3 counts)
  • Merkins – 200 reps (single count)
  • Shoulder Taps – 300 reps (single count)
  • Groiners – 200 reps (single count)
  • LJBS – 100 reps (single count)

Thang 3: Mary

I just want to say that I was floored by the turnout and definitely not surprised to see Kilo fartsack. Vet’s on Friday’s is legit and I definitely want to come back out to Q another Friday workout soon.  I really appreciate all the support.

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