10/7 BackBlast North Posh #KiloQ



Not sure why these pictures of my son crashing his toy tractor into the fence are relevant to the workout at north posh.  But I like them.  So I share them.  Ryan fancies himself “Farmer John” going as far to correct me when I call him by his hospital name.  He’s basically given himself an F3 name, which we all know (cough phoenix cough) is a big mistake.  However, when you’re a stud like “Farmer John” you get to name yourself.  Onto the workout itself.

Conditions: medium Rain and 55*.  It wasn’t a get soaked rain that was unbearable, just enough to let you know it was raining.


Gear: Patagonia Tropic Cover 2 hooded shirt, Prana Zion stretch pants, ASICS, injinji ultra run toe socks, USA buff headband.

Testing out gear for the Tough on Friday.  I have an idea the weather is going to be similar.


PAX: Bulletin, Nice n Slow, Catfish, Viking, Milton, KiloQ


Started with disclaimer and a mosey down the Louisville loop path to the bottom parking lot.

10 imperial walkers

10 SSH

10 Grass grabbers

runners stretch

Then off for another mosey, to the I64 overpass tunnel


20 LBC

20 feet on ground LBC

20 full LBC

20 left leg out LBC

20 right leg out LBC

20 legs 6 inch hold LBC

20 legs straight up LBC

off for another mosey to the Incubator folks to check on Woo and his VQ.

10 diamond merkins

10 merkins

10 wide merkins

1 minute wide plank hold

off for another mosey all the way back to the flag.


I know this wasn’t ideal for a North Posh workout.  When Catfish asked me to Q last week, I let him know I was laying off the high intensity stuff, in preparation for the beating my body is sure to endure on Friday night at the GORUCK tough.  He agreed to let me lead a low intensity run with some stuff mixed in.  That’s exactly what we did.  I think all got better for it.  Bulletin and Viking pushed us the last half mile up hill to the flag.  Beast!!!

Lot of intentions spoken and announcements for rucks, fall festival, charity outreach.

I’m honored to lead this group each and every time.

Love to all!!!!


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