Black Ops – The Bell Tower @ Carillon Beach, Florida Back Blast 6/12/19

PAX (6) – Flamingo (VQ), Nice and Slow, Nino, Gypsy, Huggies, Love Shack (FNG – FIA)

This was Flamingo’s birthday Q.  It was hot and humid.  We started off with some stretches and soon learned was was in store for us…it was an elimination workout.

Flamingo had eight exercises that we would do in a row for 1 minute each:

  1. Long jump, burpee, and back shuffle
  2. Curtsy Lunges
  3. Freddie Mercuries
  4. Flamingo Dance (8 SSH and 4 Tuck Jumps)
  5. Pike Pushups
  6. Plank Jacks
  7. Scissor kicks
  8. Mountain Climbers

After each exercise, we would run around the bell tower and back.  When we returned, one person would pull a piece of paper out of a hat and that exercise would be eliminated. We would then repeat the remaining exercises and run around the clock tower…then eliminate another exercise, until there are no exercises left.

It was hard and pushed a lot of us outside our F3 comfort zone because many of these exercises were new or had a new twist to them.

Really fun to see my wife (Flamingo) lead us.  She did a great job!

Beach Workout 6

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